Custom-Built Data Centers

    fifteenfortyseven is committed to developing mission-critical Data Center facilities that provide our customers with:

    Reliability. Redundancy. Flexibility. Security.

    Build custom data center

    Built to Suit Data Centers

    fifteenfortyseven offers custom-designed data centers to tenants of all sizes and critical IT power densities. Scalable from a few hundred kilowatts to multiple megawatts of power, we collaborate with each tenant to design a customized data center that meets their precise requirements.

    Our team of engineers, architects and IT professionals strives to provide our customers with the most cost-effective approach to their mission-critical facilities. From concept through completion, our customer-driven design process ensures that you get the data center you need.

    Powered Shell Data Centers

    Our powered shell data center offerings are designed for customers wanting to build-out and operate their data center. The site selection process for data center real estate can be daunting. By providing the infrastructure prerequisites that have been approved by local authorities, a lease of our powered base shell will significantly expedite your development time frame to help you complete the build-out of your facility. Our powered shell data centers include the robust infrastructure (power upgrades and fiber access) necessary to construct and operate a data center.

    Turnkey Data Centers

    Our turnkey data centers provide state-of-the-art environments for supporting IT infrastructure. Each facility is physically secure with power, advanced cooling, and sustainability features to ensure that your business’s core applications are available when you need them.

    These move-in ready facilities are available in multiple kW increments and are even sub-divisible down to a single Power Distribution Unit (“PDU”) to enable you to add capacity as you need it. Our team designs, builds, and maintains our turnkey operations to ensure the highest availability and up-time.

    Build custom data center

    “Since our model is based on customization, we are able to adapt to client-specific scenarios and choose technologies that best benefit our customers and their operating costs, whether it’s hot isle versus cold isle, slab versus raised floor, or different cooling technologies by geography.”
    – Corey Welp, Managing Partner & Co-Founder at 1547 Realty