As businesses face increased demand for bandwidth, fifteenfortyseven’s carrier partnerships help ensure that network resources are always available, and always optimized. We offer more connectivity options than ever for enterprises that need proximity to the nearest metro market and ultra-low latency for their critical infrastructure.

Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access is a fully meshed blend of multiple providers, comprised of metro, national, and international networks. Dedicated Internet Access comes standard with a primary and redundant port.

Features include:
  • Single invoice for all services
  • IP Addressing: Provided by fifteenfortyseven or by customer
  • Hand-off: Choice of Fiber or Ethernet
  • Quick Deployment: 48 Hours for new service

IX Connectivity

fifteenfortyseven offers direct connect to all major area peering exchanges. Customers have multiple diverse carriers and routes to reach major locations.

Carrier Neutral

fifteenfortyseven is a fully redundant, carrier-neutral data center. Carriers use multiple Points of Entry to access our building run Meet Me Room. Hosting 7 on-net carriers allows customers to choose which network they would like to access.

Orangeburg Data Center Carriers