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    San Francisco, California

    Entrance to 1547's Data Center Facility, 400 Paul, in San Francisco, CA

    400 Paul is the first purpose-built data center project constructed in the city of San Francisco in more than 10 years. 400 Paul sits adjacent to 200 Paul, one of the most densely connected Internet Gateways in the US. The data center facility is situated between the two major north-south fiber routes, which connect San Francisco to Silicon Valley.

    400 Paul colocation and data center customers have multiple options for metro, long haul, international, and specialized services, as well as for complementary products, including dark fiber, private line, IP, cable TV, voice and wireless. 400 Paul is well-connected to other major data centers, key exchanges, and traffic hubs in the Bay Area and beyond.

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    • Powered shell data center
    • +/- 50,000 square feet of office space in connected buildings off the data center
    • Proximity to high tech and bio tech companies
    • Convenient commute to SFO Airport and San Francisco Business District
    • Fully permitted by state and local authorities for data center usage
    • Only speed to market data center option in the city
    • San Francisco is one of 8 national peering points in North America
    • Government restrictions and power limitations make this a unique data center property
    • Permitted for up to 18 generators onsite
    • Tenant-selected electrical topology per Module – design for N+1 or 2N

    San Francisco Data Center Overview

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    • Our 187,000 sq. ft structure has approximately 135,000 sq. ft of uninterrupted data hall space on two floors
    • Extremely flexible, customizable, client-driven design and MEP engineering to meets all your data center needs, from building standards, to electrical topology, power density, and cooling systems.
    • Compliant with CA SB 1953 – Green House Gas Legislation
    • LEED certified design
    • Low-power consumption cooling systems
    • Lowest annualized PUE in the San Francisco Bay Area

    400Paul data center network

    • Carrier-neutral interconnection
    • At least two physically remote Points of Entrance (POE)
    • Internet Exchange Point (IXP) enabling individual entities to exchange internet traffic between and among their networks by means of mutual peering agreements
    • 15 fiber networks and 40 different service providers in the immediate area to offer our colocation and data center customers a dense mix of carriers and full spectrum of services
    • Diverse fiber routes
    • Facility sits directly on the main fiber ring serving the Bay Area, and connects to large fiber hubs, such as PAIX in Palo Alto, 55 South Market, and 11 Great Oaks in San Jose
    • Independent OIX Operation providing our colocation and data center customers with professional, high quality, non-blocking peering service, improved network performance due to shorter paths, and improved reliability
    • 24 MW dedicated capacity at 12,470 volts
    • Low power costs estimated to be between $0.10 – $0.12/kWh
    • Approx. 18,500 sq. ft of Electrical Rooms on the 1st floor provide power to data halls on both floors
    • Customer-selected power density from 105 W/sq. ft to 160 W/sq. ft
      • Accommodates 2.5 kW per cabinet to 8 kW per cabinet
      • 1,200 kW IT Capacity is standard (with DX cooled roof-top units)
      • 1,500 kW IT Capacity is available (with adiabatic cooling option)
    • Packaged roof-top Unit with DX cooling and 100% Outside Air economizer section
    • Custom ‘Roof-Top’ Unit with adiabatic cooling that eliminates all mechanical cooling (i.e. a compressor-less option)
    • Emergency water storage on site for 24-hour continuous adiabatic cooling
    • Raised Access Floor option for underfloor supply air plenum
    • Cold Aisle or Hot aisle containment options with OH air distribution
    • Customer-selected cooling systems:
      • 100% outside air economizer is standard
      • Compressor-less option is available with adiabatic cooling

    Currently planned for 13 Data Halls, sized between 9,500 sq. ft and approximately 11,500 sq. ft.

    fifteenfortyseven's San Francisco Data Center Site Plan

    San Francisco, California Data Center floor plan - 1st Floor

    San Francisco, California Data Center floor plan - 2nd Floor