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Colocation, Turnkey Data Center

Kapolei HI | HAII1

AlohaNAP, our data center in Kapolei, Hawaii, is the premier multi-tenant, carrier-neutral data center complex in the Pacific. It’s a high-bandwidth “meet-me” point that’s crucial for trans-Pacific traffic, offering access to both the submarine cable network and the international satellite communications provider, Hawaii Pacific Teleport. As an AWS Direct Connect location, AlohaNAP ensures high-speed, low-latency connections to AWS services, offering seamless cloud integration and enhanced performance for your business. 

Sq Ft Space
KW Power

Location Features

Located outside flood and tsunami zones, Oahu’s sole purpose-built data center offers unmatched satellite and fiber connectivity, serving as a secure hub for both global and local networks.


  • Critical loads in our an N+1 power design are protected with the latest UPS and PDU technology, including redundant Liebert NX UPS systems
  • Cabinet Distribution Units feature monitoring and control functions at the cabinet level, allowing customers granular control over their power distribution and on-the-fly adjustments


  • Fiber connectivity from all the major carriers of Oahu, alongside direct access to multiple transoceanic fiber networks and over 40 communication satellites
  • Diverse fiber paths with multiple points of entry (PoE) into the building
  • Redundant network architecture
  • Cross Connects
  • Blended IP Solutions for low-bandwidth IP requirements
Space & Expansion

Space & Expansion

  • Phase I
    75 cabinets 500 and 550 sq. ft. private, highly secure suites available
  • Phase II
    Additional 125 high-density cabinets
  • Phase III
    Construction of a new, high-density, turnkey data center building Additional 50,000 sq. ft. available


  • Cooling provided by SmartAisle™ from Emerson Network Power
  • SmartAisle™ segregates hot and cold aisles for greater efficiency
  • The design supports heat densities of 3.3kW per cabinet
  • Real-time Liebert iCOM temperature and humidity monitoring systems


  • Fenced facilities with intrusion alarms
  • 24/7/365 on-site security
  • All incoming visitors must pass two gates, ID checks, and mantraps before entrance
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Pre-action fire detection and suppression systems use multi-zone double-interlock monitoring and clean agent fire suppression agents (FM-200)
  • 15-minute emergency support response time
  • Biometric, keycard, and pin code access


  • Connectivity from your data center infrastructure to all major US cloud providers is available via Level 3 (Lumen), Hawaiian Telecom, Systemmetrics Cloud Solutions, Time Warner Cable and AlohaNAP Blended IP
  • Partnership with Hawaii Pacific Teleport allows the largest VSAT reach on the island
  • Hawaiian Telecom
  • Century Link
  • Lumen
  • Spectrum
  • Amazon Web Services
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