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Flexibility. Speed-to-Market. Control.

Powered Shell

Elevate your IT strategy with our Powered Shell solution, where robust infrastructure meets rapid deployment. Tailor-made for efficiency, our foundation is primed for your customization, reducing both development time and costs. Exercise total control over your IT landscape, with the freedom to influence design, backed by our expertise in navigating environmental, security, and regulatory landscapes. With us, you’re not just building a data center; you’re setting a new standard for excellence in IT infrastructure.

Features of Powered Shell



Space in our data centers ranges from individual rack units to entire rooms. Each area is equipped with comprehensive physical security, cooling systems and fire detection and suppression to support your critical operations. It’s the physical foundation that ensures your servers, storage and network equipment operate efficiently and reliably.


Our locations provide an expansive power infrastructure, including distribution systems, electrical wiring and backup solutions for uninterrupted operation. With scalable capacity, we meet your specific power needs and offer redundancy through multiple feeds from diverse sources to maintain continuous availability and performance.

Locations Supporting Powered Shell

  • Chester County PA
    Build-to-Suit, Colocation, Powered Shell, Turnkey Data Center

    Chester County PA

    Explore the vast potential of our Chester County, PA site, spread across 100 acres and backed by PECO’s commitment to deliver a minimum of 450 MW of power. With zoning approval for two dedicated data center buildings totaling 1,000,000 sq. ft. ea…
  • Cheyenne WY | CHWY1
    Build-to-Suit, Colocation, Powered Shell, Turnkey Data Center

    Cheyenne WY | CHWY1

    Located in Cheyenne, WY, our data center is strategically positioned to ensure low-latency connections to key data center hubs in New York, Chicago, and Dallas. Spanning 42,000 sq. ft., this facility is tailored to deliver wholesale, retail, and …
  • Chicago IL | CHIL1
    Build-to-Suit, Colocation, Powered Shell, Turnkey Data Center

    Chicago IL | CHIL1

    Situated in the iconic Schulze Baking Company building in Chicago, our 230,000-sq. ft. facility is a robust solution for the growing demands of the Chicago colocation and data center market. Benefiting from the Midway Technology Center’s tax ince…
    Your Powered Shell Solution
    Get the flexibility of a Powered Shell solution tailored for rapid market entry. Our team is here to support your unique build-out requirements, offering a scalable framework that adapts to your needs while prioritizing speed, cost-efficiency and control.