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The Bespoke Data Center: Custom Tailored Like Your Favorite Suit

Getting dressed up is more than a ritual. A well-fitting suit is an instant confidence booster, especially for men. You look and feel your best, and it’s hardly even noticeable, since it’s been tailored to fit you perfectly.

Our custom data centers are bespoke suits for your IT infrastructure. Think of 1547 as your data center tailor.

The Bespoke Data Center Process

When you’re getting fitted for a suit, the first step is to select a cloth, then get measurements and choose a style. The tailor will have quite a few pre-designed styles to work from, and many material options.

For a custom data center, you might first have selected a location; but the cloth step is instead replaced with power and connectivity requirements—the foundation of your data center build. Measurements are the same, though! Once we know where you need your data center (in a suit fitting, that’s just your body, of course), we select a material (Megawatt capacity) and take your measurements: square footage of white space, office areas, disaster recovery space, cafes, reception, parking lots, etc.

The tailor at your suit fitting would then have to cut the cloth, leaving extra at the inlays so it can be altered if you happen to gain wait.

During our design process, we develop schematics and construction plans with our contractor partners. Once you sign off, we begin ordering construction materials. This is our cloth cutting. For many customers, a modular design is desirable to allow more flexible build-outs and capital expense. Leaving extra space that is not yet powered, but can be quickly provisioned, is our equivalent of extra cloth for future tailoring.

The First Fitting and Final Details

After the cloth is cut, a tailor will add the trim, pockets, and some other interior details. The suit is then assembled for a first fitting.

At this point in our data center build, we basically have a building shell. We’ll add some trim, too, around the walls and exterior, but our real “trim” and details are fitting out the power, connectivity, fire suppression, and cooling. You, the client, then gets to “try out” the datacenter as you build out the beginning of your white space.

After the first fitting, the tailor breaks down the suit, adjusts it, and adds the final details like buttons. As you build out your white space, you may need to make adjustments, which we can accommodate with the help of our local contractors and expert designers.

We can also help put the final touches on your data center, even after equipment is ordered and installed, the NOC TVs are hung, and your staff moves into the office.

While you can try and work on a pre-powered shell, move into a colocation facility, or engineer your own data center, nothing beats an IT environment that was constructed with your data and application needs in mind. Be prepared for future growth and current service levels. Get exactly the level of resiliency and connectivity you need. Order a bespoke data center from 1547 Critical Systems Realty.

What’s more, with the launch of our Zero to 100 program, you can get a custom tailored data center delivered within just 100 days. Contact us today to learn more.