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What To Consider When Choosing A Data Center Location?

Choosing a data center location is one of the most important factors when selecting your data center. Businesses need to consider what they need from a data center and incorporate those requirements into their data center location strategy. Learn the four key factors to consider before choosing a data center.


There are many considerations when selecting a data center location such as, security and support. However, one of the most important and often overlooked criteria when evaluating data centers is power. Power is the critical element that brings a data center to life and keeps your IT infrastructure up and running even during a disruption.

Researching statistics on the reliability of the power grid, and availability of backup systems for your top data center candidates is important. If outages are frequent, you could incur significant financial penalties (depending on your SLA), or even worse, potential damage to computing equipment. Look for the data center offering the best power solutions and provides sustainable and reliable services without any disruptions.


Data center interconnection is one of the most effective ways for your business to have access to important resources that support your mission critical applications and maximize the success of daily operations.

Fiber optic connectivity can handle high-speed, high-volume data transmission, making major fiber intersections a great location for data centers. Access to premium fiber connectivity infrastructure ensures minimal latency. You can obtain maps that show fiber optic cable locations, and if there are none in the vicinity, you can always ask fiber providers to extend their lines.

Carrier neutrality

Carrier-neutral data centers, depending on distance, can connect to a variety of providers and networks allowing you to choose your preferred provider. When the data center is carrier-neutral, it adds to the overall strength of the network, keeps the entire facility online when one internet provider is experiencing an issue and allows you to combat issues like latency.

Natural disasters and other environmental risks

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods can impact the availability of your online services. Unless there is a specific benefit to choosing a data center location in a high-risk area, you should look for a location in a low-risk area.

Choosing a Data Center

When choosing a location for your data center be sure to narrow down your company’s specific requirements. A good data center location strategy not only considers the capabilities of the data center, but also assesses what benefits its physical location can provide such as access to green power, cold climate for cooling efficiencies, etc. Choosing a data center location should determine whether a data center facility in a specific physical location addresses critical business needs.

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