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1547 Kicks Off Improvements At The Pittock Block

1547 continues to strengthen its ecosystem across the United States with anchor interconnectivity buildings in The Pittock Block in Portland, Oregon with significant capital improvements and mission critical data center infrastructure

January 17, 2022 – Matawan, NJ – fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547 CSR), a leading provider and operator of custom data center facilities and retail colocation, kicks off 2022 with an investment in capital improvement projects across the Pittock Block, the connectivity crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest. The Pittock Block is one of the most connected facilities in the United States and the first phase of this project is set to deliver significant upgrades and additional data center inventory in 2022 to meet the heightened demands for connectivity and data center capacity.

“With the expansion and further investing in the Pittock Block, we will continue to support our tenants’ expanding needs while accommodating new content and network providers. Along with our financial partners, Harrison Street, we will continue to make strategic investments to grow the portfolio with other buildings across the United States, like the Pittock Block,” said J. Todd Raymond, CEO of 1547 CSR. “The goal is to build and improve upon the existing building network to create an ecosystem of IT infrastructure providers and content delivery tenants. The first phase of this project will focus on common areas and mission-critical infrastructure to create turnkey data center halls and retail colocation suites.”

“Pittock Block’s foundation and connectivity capabilities give 1547 CSR the opportunity to bring in enterprise users and content providers that require connectivity to their platform and end users. The building’s unique interconnection design gives 1547 CSR the opportunity to provide our customers access to network in key markets, such as Asia and facilities in the Pacific, including 1547’s AlohaNAP in Oahu, Hawaii,” said John Bonczek, Chief Revenue Officer for 1547 CSR. “1547 CSR is committed to building mission-critical infrastructure to provide additional inventory in support of our existing customers’ growth and to pave the way for new clients with data center and network proximity requirements.”

In addition to the Pittock Block, 1547 CSR is implementing capital improvement projects in the Wells Building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and 725 South Wells in Chicago, Illinois. The 1547 CSR and Harrison Street strategy focuses on improving these carrier hotels and attracting high-quality tenants that bring together a connectivity ecosystem and add value to IT infrastructure providers. Additionally, 1547 CSR is expanding in 1 Ramland in Orangeburg, New York. The Orangeburg facility is the largest big box data center in the portfolio with over 230,000 square feet.