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Exploring 1547’s State-Of-The-Art Data Center Development Project In Chester County, PA

1547 is excited to share the latest details about its data center development project in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This development represents a thoughtful response to the evolving needs in high-density data compute, storage and transport, with a focus on essential aspects like scalability, connectivity and sustainability.

Nestled in 100 acres, the Chester County campus is fully entitled with a minimum of 290 MW of committed power, designed to support over 2 million square feet of data center development. This provision of power is a critical component in addressing the increasing requirements of hyperscale entities and diverse technology-driven enterprises, especially as artificial intelligence (AI), video streaming, and other cutting edge technologies and applications place greater demands on the performance capabilities of data center infrastructure.

A significant feature of the campus is its superior connectivity, facilitated by access to top network providers like Arelion, Lumen, and Windstream offering long-haul, middle-mile and local fiber optic connectivity solutions. This infrastructure is vital for meeting the high-speed and high-volume demands of modern data processing and video transport.

One of the campus location’s distinct advantages is its strategic alignment with Pennsylvania’s Computer Data Center Equipment Incentive Program which was fully activated in 2022. This program offers substantial financial incentives, including a sales and use tax exemption for qualified computer data center equipment. Applicable to certified data centers, this exemption is available to owners, operators, or tenants with a Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption. By situating the campus in Pennsylvania, 1547 leverages these incentives to enhance economic viability and attractiveness for technology investments.

1547’s approach to the Chester County campus intertwines technological advancement with a commitment to sustainable practices. The conversion of a former industrial site into a nature preserve, achieved with input from graduates of Temple University’s School of Landscape Architecture, reflects a balanced approach to development, valuing environmental considerations alongside infrastructural innovation.

The campus, while a part of 1547’s expanding portfolio, is also a response to the dynamic needs of the data center market. It offers a setting conducive to the growth and scalability required by a range of businesses, from hyperscalers to emerging tech enterprises. The combination of its strategic location and robust sources of power, as well as sustainable and tax-friendly conditions, makes it a practical and attractive choice for companies looking to enhance their data infrastructure.

As the data center industry evolves, the Chester County campus presents an example of the integrated approach needed to meet contemporary requirements and challenges. Balancing advanced technology with environmental responsibility, this development by 1547 demonstrates a keen understanding of the multifaceted requirements of today’s data-driven digital landscape.