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fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty Strengthens Its Partnership With Arelion, Adding 400G Capable Connectivity, Ethernet and Cloud Connect Infrastructure at Pittock Block PoP

fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547) is a leading developer, operator and owner of highly interconnected, custom-designed data centers in North America and Europe. The company continues to strengthen its partnership with Arelion, operator of the #1 ranked global Internet backbone. Arelion has upgraded its multi-terabit scale Point-of-Presence (PoP) at 1547’s Pittock Block data center in Portland, enhancing a key interconnection point to serve businesses, education and research networks and end users in the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. The new regional transmission network leverages the global operator’s core backbone and established ecosystem to connect more Tier 2 markets and respond to the customer demand for high-capacity bandwidth and diverse service options in the region.

This partnership provides 1547 with 400G capable connectivity, global 40G Ethernet VC enablement and scalable access to major security, content and cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Oracle and IBM Cloud. The new PoP will serve Portland regionally while supporting diversity from Arelion’s Hillsboro PoPs, connecting into multiple hyperscale data centers in Hillsboro. The partnership combines Arelion’s global footprint with 1547’s proven track record of high-capacity data center management through mission-critical infrastructure. Arelion also recently launched a new PoP at 1547’s data center in Orangeburg, NY, providing high-speed, diverse, global connectivity to financial sector companies.

1547’s Pittock Block: an Essential Interconnection Point in the Silicon Forest

1547’s Pittock Block is the most connected facility in Portland’s downtown area, making it a key hub for companies seeking access to global markets in Asia and the Pacific Northwest through continent-to-continent connection, especially as Portland/Hillsboro (or the “Silicon Forest”) becomes the second fastest growing data center market in North America. The Pittock Block PoP is strategically located east of Arelion’s Hillsboro PoPs and will connect to a new transmission system connecting the two areas. As a historic landmark, Pittock Block has evolved from an electric substation distribution location to one of the densest interconnection points on the West Coast.

1547 knew that Pittock was a critical purchase in its portfolio and is partnering with premier global connectivity providers like Arelion to secure high-speed, scalable network services and diverse content and cloud provider options that enable optimal end-user experiences and local business growth. Through these investments, 1547 focuses on enhancing the ecosystem throughout its portfolio to draw more Tier 1 carriers and hyperscalers to the building. The partnership with Arelion will satisfy the customer demand for increased bandwidth, network resilience and diverse connectivity in the key connection point of the Pacific Northwest. This PoP provides businesses with direct, fiber-enabled connection that reduces the latency issues of backhauling, continuing Arelion’s mission to build and operate a highly connected network presence in the region.

“By upgrading to our next generation platform in the 1547 datacenter at the Pittock Block, Arelion furthers its organic expansion in the Pacific Northwest and strengthens the Portland/Hillsboro region as one of the key interconnection points for global connectivity,” said Art Kazmierczak, Arelion, Director Business and Network Development. “Our new and upcoming PoPs will empower underserved regional markets and education and research networks with diverse services, content and applications through access to our global backbone. 1547 is an essential hub for continent-to-continent connectivity and we are proud to partner with a data center that aligns with our vision of persistent innovation of the network to provide world-class customer experiences through high-speed local connectivity to our global ecosystem.”

1547: Investing in Network Diversity with a Global Connectivity Partner

1547 continues to strengthen its ecosystem across the United States with anchor interconnectivity buildings in the Pittock Block enabled by significant capital improvements to mission-critical infrastructure. With expansion and further investment in the Pittock Block, 1547 will continue to support its tenants’ expanding needs while accommodating new content and network providers through the Arelion PoP. 1547’s tenants will now have access to Arelion’s diverse services, including IP TransitCloud ConnectEthernetDDoS Mitigation and more.

The Pittock Block is currently being upgraded and updated by 1547. 1547’s work includes making changes to the common areas and lobby area as well as improving security. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Addition of New White Space
  • N+1 (Tier III) Gen UPS and Chillers
  • New Utility Vault with
    • an Initial 3.6 MW Growing to 8.5 MW
  • Phase 1 -2 MW
    • 4th Floor with 20k Sq. Ft. of White Space

More information regarding the Pittock Block, including facility highlights, can be accessed here.

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